[Hyper-V] Request a setup_hyperv script for SCVMM Japanese version

  • 28 January 2020
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Although I managed to add Nutanix cluster and hosts to SCVMM manually but it was quite a hard and challenged way to do it as I did search around KB to edit the Windows Registry and the Nutanix guide about adding SCVMM manually is also not correct in order of step by step as well. I do hope that I could use the setup_hyperv script to make my life better and easier to breath…

The reason why current setup_hyperv script cannot use with SCVMM Japanese version is that script inside is containing the default setting as below:


gflags.DEFINE_string("default_host_group_path", "All Hosts",
                     "The default SCVMM host group")

AND in the definition of function:

def get_host_group_path():
    # Get the host group to which to join the cluster.
    while not FLAGS.scvmm_host_group_path:
      input_path = raw_input(
          "Please enter the path for the SCVMM host group "
          "(eg: 'All Hosts\\Path\\to\\host\\group') to which this "
          "cluster should be added (press ENTER for \"%s\"): "
          % FLAGS.default_host_group_path)

When running this function, the script will use the SCVMM cluster default named All Hosts.

But in the Japanese version of SCVMM, that is shown by “すべてのホスト” (in Japanese means the same meaning with “All Hosts”) and the script will fail at the step of joining hosts to SCVMM cluster.

So, if Nutanix engineer can make note if this script and create a specific one for Japanese SCVMM version, I would be so happy.

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