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  1. Industry-wise, DevOps tools seem to be rapidly approaching a a common baseline of expectations: they are all releasing with AWS, Azure, and OpenStack API integration from the start. After that they all say they are modular, but for the most part the core team waits for someone else to create a plug-in, which creates a barrier of entry for anyone who does not subscribe to one of the above baselines. In the case of Nutanix, the Nutanix team has provided some pretty good modules thus far, and I've talked to some of the team and they've revealed other modules that they are roadmapping and working on, and this is great. But it's kind of a "whack-a-mole" solution, as there's no way Nutanix can guess what tools we'll take a fancy to, and the new DevOps tools are comming out faster than anyone can keep up with anyway... so I just don't know if it's sustainable to continue to write modules "after the fact".BUT ... the industry seems to be just fine with OpenStack compatibility on day 1 (for most tools at least, Spinnaker seems to have decided public cloud or nothing ... bah!) For me, this means I've been able to use the OpenStack driver download as a sort of "proxy" in my environment, but there are a lot of problems with running a full OpenStack in front of Nutanix:
1. OpenStack is a 1-way street. VMs, networks, images all must originate from OpenStack or are completley un-usable. This makes it tough to integrate existing projects.2. Openstack upgrading is nothing short of a nightmare, and adds lots HA problems. No more details on this, it's just a far cry from the one-click upgrades Prism gives us.3. OpenStack takes even more resources away from VMs. We already run a solid number of CVMs with a healthy amount of CPU and memory ...
Ideally, to me, it's time that Nutanix adopt the OpenStack API and simply merge it with it's own features. Doing this would give you instant compatibility with a horde of existing tools from DevOps to more traditional CM like Terraform, Packer, Foreman, Rancher, Kubernetes, etc. It would effectively turn Nutanix into a hyperconverged Private Cloud which would be _awesome_. I realise there are some areas where parity may be impossible (network stackfor example), but I've already seen AWS API parity for some things like a docker registry, so I think this move for infrastructure would be wonderful. Especially consider Microsoft is effectively giving us this with ARM in the Azure Stack which is due out this year (unless it gets delayed again) and I strongly feel a open-standard API would keep the company competitive and give the systems an amazing amount of agility.Thanks for the consideration.

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Thanks for your feedback on the API topic. I've forwarded to the Product Manager that covers this area who may have more feedback once back from PTO.