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Would be great to have the CVM _and_ the HV-installation as VMs or OVAs via an official channel..

This way we could make integration tests and/or development much more easier, by eleminating the needs for an actual Nutanix installation.
Especially the "Nutanix version" of th Hypervisor. With nested virtualisation or qemu emulation it would even be no problem (from a technical perspective).

How do the Nutanix (KVM)-devs work, don't the have VMs? All on "real" hardware?

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I concur, great idea.

As a Partner, being able to spin a Nutanix cluster for tests/dev/troubleshooting would be great.
(Much as the NetApp Simulator or the EMC UberVNX)

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Maybe a bit bold, but I think this is not only a great idea for partners, but also for community members. I'm lucky that we are in pre-stage of production, so I can run some tests and even break all the things without bothering anyone. When it is in production it is a lot harder to do some quick tests.

Besides that, I think a part of the reason why the vmware community is so big and has a lots of contributers is because everyone is able to run his home-lab. One downside is you have to build some parts every 60 days again, but still you're able to run things in a home lab en do some tests or learning.

And while performance isn't important in this kind of set-ups, maybe we would see some interesting results like Gabe in his completely ridiculous vsan test

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Thanks for your inputs, We will investigate this option for home use.
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Opening up your technology to the community, just like you opened up knowledge about the technology (with the Nutanix Bible as a prime example) is a pre-req in gaining traction in the community. These though leaders (often heavily certified) and ambassadors of technology (why else would they participate in a tech-oriented community?) can be great evangelists for your technology, too. It's how I first got into VMware and virtualization and later storage technologies. I highly recommend Nutanix enabling the community to tinker, break and learn from their awesome software.
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Community involvement will gain Nutanix a huge amount of traction, and the ability to spin up a home lab without investing in test kit (pretty pricey) also helps to rapidly spread understanding throughout your potential customer base.

Of course the logical move from here is a license only version of Nutanix you can install on your own kit, so if you want to try it on an insane all flash platform to see how hard you can drive it you can do that, and possibly open up markets in the very high transaction (financial) space / very large databases where the limits of SSD size per node in current Nutanix hardware restricts options and leaves the door open for all flash startups like Nimbusdata. I'm talking here about databases that can't afford to find a key piece of data has been migrated to the SATA tier as microsecond latency at all times is vital.
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I agree. This would be a great idea for development against the REST API and functional demos

Looking forward to get my hands dirty fiddling around with the REST API