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Hello team,

I'm a big fan of Nutanix and have been continuously following the latest technology trends in this space. However being in the partner sales space, we are constantly asked this question - How can we integrate our existing FC infrastructure with Nutanix? Its a known fact that ISCSI and FCOE can be used but legacy infrastructures cannot. Is there a product roadmap where Nutanix supports FC HBA, where customers can connect the existing FC SAN's to migrate data directly to Nutanix? I'd like to make a suggestion:
1. Pass on the feedback to the product development team to provide FC HBA support in newer models.
2. Make it convenient for customers to move/port their virtual machines from legacy to Nutanix.
3. Be able to pull/migrate data from legacy storage to Nutanix through 1 to 1 WWN zoning without a switch - like a peer to peer network.

This is one of the aspect which goes through a customer's mind while making a decision to go for Nutanix. Pretty big one imho.


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Thanks for the question 

 can you add any of your insights to this discussion

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hey  - Good points.

Being from the services realm, I see a different side of this than most.

We in Nutanix PS often use FC HBA's in large scale migrations, as there are extra PCI-E slots on 6035, 8035, and 8150 (and some other NX ones, Dell, Lenovo, etc), as customers with traditional FC Arrays (that are older) typically have 4gbps FC, but 1gbps host connections, so ethernet based migrations take forever.

Now, when a customer has FC, and then 10Gbps ethernet (like UCS customers), then it doesn't make any sense to use the FC network, as 10gbps is certainly good enough.

Anyhow, This isn't to say Nutanix specifically qualifies or supports FC HBA's (per se), but they work with the underlying hardware, so it's all good.

Given that these are typically "point solutions" to get a migration done, I don't think it makes too too much sense to formally support FC, as we honestly don't see much demand for this (since 10gbps is pretty good, and available in many cases)

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Additionally, I'll address your other points

2 - Legacy to Nutanix ... depends on what legacy is. If it's vSphere 5.1 and 5.5, it's super easy (Shared Nothing storage vMotion)

3 - Peer to peer FC - Nothing precludes you from doing this

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This is supported now. We're using Emulex HBA's in Dell XC Hosts and it works great.
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Just for posterity - It's worth saying (as we all know) there's a difference between supported (normally meaning it's something you can buy off of a datasheet/out of the factory/etc) and "it works without any drama".

Dont want to get anyones hopes up that we're going to start putting FC cards as a configurable option on all of our systems.

On systems that have extra PCI-E slots, and you want to throw some FC cards in, you're welcome to do that, but it would (in general) fall under our 3rd party support statement, meaning we'll try our best, but wont replace that card if it fails.
Hi Jon,

Any idea where can we find the specification for the PCI HBA card to be used with 8035-G5.
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ping me on slack Alaa