When the weird gets weirder. Performance Troubleshooting.

  • 23 July 2020
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Performance issues usually begin with the scene of an administrator looking at statistics, scratching the back of the head and saying ‘Wait, what?’

The issue can manifest itself in so many ways and the main struggle is to find the entities of the environment that experience issues at the same time and look at the environment layer by layer. Whether the bottleneck lies on the network, compute or storage layer, troubleshooting performance issue is always a tedious and time-consuming task.

That is why Nutanix published an article (or two) to help you with the process. Where to look, what to look for and how to interpret the numbers.

KB-2345 [Performance] Troubleshooting high CPU in Nutanix environments

KB-5012 [Performance] Interpreting vCenter Performance CPU Ready chart values

Tech TopX: ESXI Performance Troubleshooting

3 replies


Fantastic! do you have a link to a similar article for storage? Thanks!

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Login to this portal and you will be able to get all KB’s



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@GabrielPaganAbarcan do you mean an article on troubleshooting storage performance?

I think if you are able to narrow it down to storage layer then in a Nutanix environment I would expect to see a particular node struggling which should allow you to isolate the main contributor and thus develop a further plan of actions. Alternatively, if the performance issue is seen cluster-wide I would look at the time patterns of the issue spiking and attempt to match it to a possibly scheduled task. Otherwise, it is possible that the cluster is not coping with the load.


I was not able to find any particular KB article on troubleshooting storage performance. Is there a particular issue that you are seeing within your environment?