Used space on remote site (Async DR)

  • 19 August 2016
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I have a question about the space used in a remote site with Async DR).
We have 2 Nutanix cluster (with vmware esxi).
The remote site is used only for the Async DR there not any VM that running on this.
If first site lost we will restart all on this remote site.

We actually replicate 1.85 TB on this Remote site, but when I see in VCenter I have this information :

Provisionned space 3,27TB
Used space 3,27TB

And this 2 metric never move since i activate Async DR.
And I verify, really provisionned space for all VMs that are replicate is 4.58 TB .

Do you have an explanation or idea?

Thank you for your help

1 reply

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As we fill up the container with replicated data, on the DR side, we should be lowering this value.

Can you please file a support ticket, so that we can work on a WebEx with you and get to the bottom of this issue?