USB passthrough is not supported

  • 3 December 2019
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Just a reminder today that Nutanix does not support USB passthrough on all platforms/hypervisors. There are no plans to support USB passthrough on Nutanix platforms due to security concerns and due to the fact that it affects features such as live migration, HA, 1-Click upgrades and more.


If you need a guest VM to access USB devices, using AnywhereUSB is a valid solution. This solution uses a USB hub accessible over TCP/IP. A driver is installed on the VM and it emulates a USB device connected to the hub as if it was directly attached to the VM. This method is well-known to work and does not affect the features mentioned above. Please see the Digi site for further details:


KB-3320 USB passthrough support on Nutanix platforms

2 replies

As I’m new to Nutanix less then a week into a new cluster, I just had to dig into this a bit more. We use Citrix Virtual Desktop after adding the Delivery Group to our Citrix policy that allows USB devices the Virtual Desktop was now able to access the Webcam and USB drive. 

I’m new to Nutanix and was wondering is it in the road map to allow pass through? I know you stated security concerns but there are many ways to lock down USB access. We leverage VDI and have webcams on every endpoint for collaboration. Via Citrix I can lockdown USB access if needed.