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  • 4 July 2017
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Hello guys!We have 2 Nutanix boxes with 3 nodes each. Both boxes were warning about all configured nameservers are in the same /** network. Ok, this is an issue we can't fix right now, so I've turned check off. On 1 box it worked fine and we got the "green heart". On another box, for some reason, this warning has stopped on 1 of 3 nodes. At GUI the Warning table shows 0 warnings, but when I run "ncc health_checks system_checks dns_server_check" it shows 2 warnings (one for each node):
Detailed information for dns_server_check:Node 172.**.**.*0:WARN: All the configured nameservers are in the same /** network.Node 172.**.**.*1:WARN: All the configured nameservers are in the same /** network.
Once this check is off, it shouldn't show us this warning, right?
Is there a way to turn it on/off through CLI?

5 replies

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This looks like the health score for these nodes need to be manually updated.

Please raise a support case to get assistance on this.
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I don't there is anything to turn it off in the NCC. Sometimes it take a bit for the last error to clear. Has this issue stayed around for awhile after disabling the prism alerts?
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It was turned off around 4 hours ago and it's still warning.
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I'll raise a support case!Thanks a lot!
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Try running NCC from Prism again and it should go away