Thick Eager, Thick, Thin disk provisioning confusion with ESXI in Nutanix?

  • 20 February 2020
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In a VMware environment, we get three types of VMDK provisioning  


  • Thick Eager Zeroed provisioned. 
  • Thick provisioned.
  • Thin provisioned.


Everyone who has worked with traditional solutions knows the performance benefits of a thick eager zeroed disk with faster I/O operations.




In a nutanix environment, there’s no performance difference between thick and thin disk provisioning. So even when a thick disk is provisioned, no disk space is allocated to write zeroes. So there is no requirement for provisioning a thick disk.


Nutanix recommends thin disk over any other type of disk service. 


 Want to know more about disk provisioning in a nutanix environment?


 Try going through the document 




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