Tech TopX: Prism Alert Solution - Disk Space Usage High

  • 20 August 2019
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Welcome to Tech Topics. My name is Alex Heath, and I'm a systems reliability engineer in Durham, North Carolina. In this quick video, we will cover an alert you might see on your cluster, so let's navigate to where the alerts are in Prism. Here is an example of the alert. In Prism, you might see an alert, disk space usage high. This alert is generated when a disk. Usage on your controller VM reaches 95% in order to verify, first we need to check the disk usage across the cluster. You can do this by running the following, all SSH DF-H.

Here's an example of one of your CVMs. We can see here that the home directory is above 95%. We can remove any unnecessary files by following KB 1540. You can find a link to that in the description below. I've deleted some larger files to clear up some space. Once that's done, you can verify the space has been cleared by rerunning DF-H on the effected CVM or run the specific NCC check, NCC health checks, hardware checks, disk checks, disk usage check. This might take a couple minutes. If you have any other videos you would like to see, please comment below. Thanks for watching.

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