Tech TopX: Prism Alert Solution - CVM Not Synchronizing Time

  • 20 August 2019
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Hello. Welcome to Tech TopX. My name is Alex Heath, and I'm a systems reliability engineer in Durham, North Carolina. In this quick video, we will cover an alert you might see in your cluster. Let's navigate to the alerts tab in Prism. Here's an example of the alert. In order to resolve this alert, the CVM is not synchronizing time with any external servers, we'll first need to add an NTP server to your cluster.

Let's navigate to settings, then NTP servers. Input your server and click add. We can also add NTP servers through CLI by running the following: NCLI, cluster, add to NTP servers, servers equals, and then server name. Now let's resolve the alert. Okay. Next, we'll verify the NTP server has been added. Once these steps have been completed, we can run an NCC to verify the alert has been resolved. NCC health checks, network checks, check NTP. If you have any other videos you would like to see, please comment below. Thanks for watching.

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