SSP when using a a trusted certificate

  • 2 March 2017
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has anyone been able ot use the SSP feautre while usinga trusted 3rd party wildcard certificate? At least for us, the feature only works if we use the self-signed certificate. Any attempt to get to the SSP using a 3rd party cert results in "Oops - Server error" and little else. Considering this is an end-user facing site, that presents obvious problems.So just doing a reality check: anyone out there using a 3rd party wildcard cert and getting a working SSP?

6 replies

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Thanks for sharing Justin-DynamicD

Anything you can add here harryhy
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Good news! We identified the cause of this issue and a fix will be released with AOS 5.0.2
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But what can be done to existing deployments to fix the issue? I too am having the problem, and have no intention of going back to a self-signed cert.
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DO we have a timeline for 5.0.2?I ask as I opened the ticket back in 5.0.0, was told it was identified, then my ticket was closed during, and now in 5.0.1 it's still not resolved ao was checking in to see if it "was just me".
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hey Justin-DynamicD - what's your ticket number?

jjpk01 - did you file a ticket as well?
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Same issue here. Acropolis Just updated to a signed cert and receive the "Oops. Server error" message too.