Simplified NGT Management with Prism Central

  • 14 August 2020
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Have you been trying to keep your virtual machines (VMs) up to date with the latest versions of Nutanix Guest Tools (NGT), but face following hurdles:

  1. More difficult with seemingly ever-increasing release version activity?
  2. Tired of seeing alerts regarding a new version of NGT being available for a VM from within the Prism?

Well, the good news is Prism Central is the answer for all of your NGT version management needs. Within Prism Central, NGT management has been greatly improved and simplified.

For example, you can select particular VMs that are to receive an upgrade and employ this upgrade all at once (rather than one at a time and manually as through Prism Elements). Further, you can select the options to initiate the upgrade(s) immediately or, later, at scheduled time of your convenience.

You can find more information about NGT management with Prism Central as per the “NGT MANAGEMENT IN PRISM CENTRAL” section of the Prism Central Guide.

1 reply

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With the latest incarnations of Prism Central and NGT, the process of upgrading NGT through PC has become significantly more reliable.


IMHO it would help if we could filter the list of VMs in PC for “Upgrade available”. 

Screenshot from PC pc.2020.8