Resource requirements for Prism Central

  • 4 September 2020
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This article’s purpose is to provide assistance in determining the right amount of resources required to enable various services on Prism Central.

Currently, there are multiple services available such as CALM, Karbon, Objects, Files, etc. Each of these services adds their own resource requirements to Prism Central hence, increasing the need for more resources for Prism Central in order to function properly. If enough resources are not configured, you might encounter the alert “Configured resource for the Prism Central VM is inadequate”. The NCC health check pc_vm_resource_resize_check verifies that the configured amount of memory and vCPU resources of the Prism Central VM is adequate. This check is introduced in NCC release version 3.10.0 and applies to Prism Central VMs (version 5.17.1 or higher) only (inapplicable to Controller VMs (CVMs) of Prism Elements clusters).

Please refer to KB-8932 for more details.

To learn more about the various services available and to determine the Prism Central VM sizing, click here.

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