Pulse - how to verify and troubleshoot

  • 25 February 2020
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We have already covered the reasons for the Pulse configuration. Hopefully, you have configured it and are looking to verify the outcome. Here is a quick summary of how and where to do so.


Within the Nutanix Support Portal, customers can check if their assets are Pulse-enabled via two coloured dots beside each asset in the Products > Installed Base page. Please allow for at least a day for the data to be populated to the Nutanix portal.



An overview of data collected and configuring Pulse on the cluster can be found in the Configuring Pulse section of the Prism Web Console Guide.


For explanation of collection statuses with further troubleshooting please refer to KB-5784 Troubleshooting the Legacy Pulse Email or PulseHD status columns on Installed Base page in Nutanix Support Portal.

Why everyone need Pulse .NEXT Pulse - what's in it for you? Much more than a simple call home.

Prism Web Console Guide 5.16: Pulse Health Monitoring

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