Prsim troubleshooting cheat sheet

  • 6 August 2020
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I thought I’d put together a set of sources to help with troubleshooting some of the popular issues with the Prism.

If you ever lock yourself out of Prism account do not fret. Local admin account can be unlocked by logging into a CVM with nutanix user and resetting the password for the admin user.

KB-8130 Prism Admin Account Locked With "Account locked due to too many failed attempts."


If you ever need to find a Prsim Leader node as part of any troubleshooting:

KB-1841 Checking which node is the Prism Leader.


To verfify connectivity status between Prism Central and Prism Element use NCC check cluster_connectivity status
KB-3379 NCC Health Check: cluster_connectivity_status.


For troubleshootimg PE to PC connectivity follow KB-6970 PE-PC Connection Failure alerts.

Expand the list in the comments, help the community!

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