Prism Pro - you can predict the future!

  • 31 July 2020
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Prism Pro is a set of additional features that are unlocked when Prism Central is licensed. These features include capacity planning, custom dashboards, and advanced search capabilities. The one-click planning feature that lets you forecast future workload growth so you can expand accordingly to meet the demands.

Capacity Planning

This feature ensures that environment never runs out of capacity. You can forecast shortages of CPU, memory, and storage, defining how much time until a given resource is exhausted. Information is based on machine-learned consumption behavior based on current and past utilization. This also provides a recommendation of scale out options.

Just-in-time Forecasting

Allows an environment to scale without over or under provisioning. This allows you to define additional workloads to add to an environment and identify whether the environment has resources to handle such workloads. If sufficient resources do not exist, Just-in-time Forecasting can recommend resources to meet the additional resource demand.

Click here to learn more on how to utilize these features.

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