Prism Central VM efficiency measurement/inefficient VMs no longer working

  • 15 December 2020
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Hello, all. We’ve had our Nutanix cluster up for all of a month, and I just noticed our Prism Central instance is no longer reporting any inefficient VMs in the cluster (whereas just a week or two ago it had started to accumulate a list of VMs it had decided were overprovisioned or bullies).

And when I look at a particular VM, on the main properties page it shows “Efficiency - MeasurementDisabled.”

Can anyone tell me why this might happen? Thank you.


3 replies

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Hi JAC_Brian,


Is it possible that someone disabled it?



Yes, it’s possible, however, when I try to re-enable the efficiency measurement, it doesn’t work. It goes through the motions and shows that it succeeds in the task, but it’s still disabled for the VM when you back to look at it.

Interestingly, I see that Prism Central has a new version that was just released with fix ENG-337894: “The VM Efficiency reports the status of Overprovisioned, Constrained, and Bully as NA. Also, the dashboard for VM Efficiency is reported as 0.”

That sounds like it addresses this very problem.

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Now, that the additional details are revealed, it does sound like you found the right ENG. If the upgrade does not fix the issue consider logging a support case.