Prism Central: can't find uploaded image

  • 13 December 2019
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Uploaded the image but can’t see it?


Prism Central 5.5 and above includes a global image service that allows you to add (upload) images through Prism Central by using the v3 API. However, the Prism Central administrator (admin) interface still uses the v2 API. As a result, after you upload an image when you are logged in as admin, you might not see the image in the list of available images when you are creating a VM. This issue occurs if the global image service has not yet copied the image to the cluster on which the admin is trying to create the VM.


What to do?

  • Add the image using the URL option instead of Image File. The source can be a standard HTTP(S) URL, or for NFS, use <hostname or FQDN>://folder/subfolder/filename. When uploading images with the URL option, each cluster will immediately attempt to fetch the image from the source. When the Create Image task displays as completed, the image should be available on all clusters.

  • Use the v3 API or nuclei to provide the VM on the target cluster with the desired image.

  • Manually synchronize the desired image to the target cluster.

Follow through to  KB4892 - Prism Central: Adding Images to Prism Central for instructions on how to manually synchronize the image to the cluster.

More on image is in Prism Central Guide: Images Summary View.

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