Prism Central Backup/Restore Configuration

  • 14 February 2020
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This was answered 3 years ago and it was being “looked into”  was anything created to be able to export Configuration from Prism Central?

Where it was answered 3 years ago:

Thank you

2 replies

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Hi there,

I checked and it’s still a long way to go, unfortunately. We have not seen that many issues with PC VMs corruption, to be honest.

What I could suggest at this point as a workaround is to scale up PC. In this way even if one of them is lost there are still two more.

There is a guide for that if you are interested Prism Central Guide v5.16: Expand (Scale Out) PC

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Hi @Enterprise Compute 

At the risk of giving a similar answer, as of 5.16 there is not a supported method to backup/restore Prism Central, or export/import most Prism Central configuration. Security Policies (part of Flow) can be exported and imported, but that is partly because the security policy configuration is portable. The ability to create a configuration, export it once, and then import it in multiple ROBO sites was part of the original design.

There has been a lot of work on this, but there are some remaining technical hurdles. I would definitely expect this to be well documented in the release notes and Prism Central Guide once we have a supported solution. 

I’m curious which configuration datasets you would most like to export and import.