PC deployment failed?

  • 10 July 2020
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So you kicked off the one-click Prism Central deployment and left your desk to get a coffee. Now you are back and see it has failed. Wonder what could have happened?
Here’s a list of common issues you could take a look at before engaging our world-class Support!


  1. The deployed Prism Central is not compatible with the underlying cluster AOS. 

    1. Check interoperability on the support portal

  2. Network issues  - If the PC is deployed on a different subnet/VLAN and the CVM is unable to reach the PC network. You would see the PC VM has been created but since genesis service on the PC cannot be reached, the task eventually times out/fails. You could also have firewall rules in place preventing bidirectional communication on ports 80, 9440, 2100. This KB should help you with that.

  3. If there is an existing PC binary or metadata file for deployment on a Prism Element cluster, the upgrade may fail with an error indicating the software already exists in the cluster.  The binary file is saved in the NutanixManagementShare container.  Connecting with SFTP and port 2222 should allow you to see (and remove) the old software versions. KB 5082 and KB 6190


Logs of interest to you (in the cluster where you deploy):

Check PC download progress 

Check PC deployment progress /home/nutanix/data/logs/genesis.out


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