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I”m trying to find out if Nutanix has a scheduled patching regimen similar to Microsoft’s Patch Tuesday. How are admins informed when there is an emergency patch? Do these include patches to Prism, to AOS and firmware patches?


Thank you.

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Hi Moses,

When there is a new release from Nutanix(AOS,AHV) then you will be notified over the email from , additionally you can find the available updates/upgrades on the Upgrade window ,


Firmware is something depends upon the Hardware vendor , you can use LCM feature to view latest firmware and upgrade 

Is there a regular patching schedule?

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Nutanix has 2 mode of releases

LTS(Long Term support) -which are maintained for a longer duration and provide primarily bug fixes for an extended period of time on a particular release family.

Release Cadence -12 to 15 months

STS(Short Term support)Short Term Support (STS) releases, which have new features, and also provide a regular upgrade path

Release Cadence - 3 to 6 months


Refer below link for more details

Thank you. This is very helpful