No PSODs! Never say 'good bye' to your host

  • 7 August 2020
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Would you like to never see a PSOD screen again? I mean, who would? Elevated heart rate, restarted VMs, explaining the reason, searching for the reason, trying to distinguish a false positive from an actual alert. You definitely have better things to do.

When looking at memory failures (DIMM is what I am referring to in this instance) uncorrectable memory errors is what brings most of the trouble and requires DIMM replacement but the majority of the errors are correctable.

Each BIOS version brings improvement to handling hardware. That includes correcting memory errors. Meaning, you can avoid pesky hardware replacement windows for much longer if not forever.

To keep your BIOS up-to-date use LCM. If you do opt for a manual process remember to always upgrade BMC first and only then proceed with the BIOS. BMC upgrades are non-disruptive. BIOS upgrade does require a host reboot.

And as always, keep your NCC up to date (current NCC version is and some false positive alerts in relation to DIMM errors are resolved there).

Stay safe and up-to-date!

KB-7812 Upgrade procedure for BMC 7.07 and BIOS 42.300 and higher

KB-2905 Nutanix BIOS Manual Upgrade Guide

Nutanix Cluster Check (NCC) 3.10 Guide: Install and Upgrade Nutanix Cluster Check (NCC)

KB-9137 NX Hardware [Memory] – Overview of Memory related enhancements introduced in BIOS: 42.300 and BMC: 7.07 for Nutanix NX-G6 and NX-G7 systems

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