Move a VM between containers

  • 25 October 2019
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You have multiple storage containers in your AHV Nutanix cluster(Nutanix recommends having a single container to simplify operations) and have a need to move a User VM from one storage container to another but confused regarding the process.

Let us guide you by giving a brief summary of the operation you need to perform.

If you’re using AOS 5.5.X and 5.6.X and cluster is managed by Prism Central consider upgrading or following the steps mentioned in  KB 3577 to download VM disk file from source container to workstation and then upload to the destination container.

For other AOS version, the following steps would help.


  • Find the VM disk files using the following command from any CVM
nutanix@cvm:~$ acli vm.get <VM name> include_vmdisk_paths=1 | grep -E 'disk_list|vmdisk_nfs_path|vmdisk_size|vmdisk_uuid'


This will give us the VMdisk UUD and container path. You’ll need this when creating an image for the vmdisk in the next step.


  •  Power of the VM and create a new image of each vmdisk .
  •  Create a new VM.

You can use both methods, acli or Prism GUI for creating a VM using image created before.


  • Power on the new VM and assign an IP address if needed.
  • Delete the old files, i.e the old VM and the image.

Want detail information regarding the steps and commands?

Try reading the following KB 2663

Have questions regarding the procedure or some suggestion?
Drop a comment below and let’s start a discussion!

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