LCM: SATADOM firmware only is available for upgrade. Why? How?

  • 16 December 2019
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Whenever you find LCM inventory operation on your cluster displaying only SATADOM firmware ugrades available while you now for a fact that newer firmware versions for other components are available it is not a bug that you have encountered! Firmware upgrades for 3IE3 satadoms are being prioritized in LCM.

To reduce the likelihood that customers are impacted by issues with S160130N and S560301N firmware on 3IE3 model SATADOMs, Nutanix has updated Lifecycle Manager (LCM) in such a way that it will only show Satadom (Host Boot Device) upgrades available.

Customers are being advised to use LCM to upgrade satadom disk on module firmware in their cluster to the version S670330N during their next available maintenance window. Once all satadoms are upgraded, later Inventory operations with LCM will once again show available updates for any other types of firmware (BMC, BIOS, SATA, etc.) on the cluster that are not already on the latest versions.

Since there are no AC power cycles involved in updating these software entities, there should be no risk in the satadoms failing.

Further details on the issue and upgrade steps can be found in KB-7194 Firmware upgrades for 3IE3 satadoms are being prioritized.

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