How to register a cluster with Prism Central (PC)

  • 6 April 2020
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So before we go ahead and take a look at the steps, let’s have a short introduction about prism central. Prism central can be used to monitor and manage clusters registered to it through a single web console. This is a centralized multi-cluster management tool that runs as a single VM or a cluster of VMs (scaled out Prism Central deployment).

It provides features like single sign-on for multiple clusters, customizable dashboards, activity manager, etc.


If you do not have a prism central instance deployed, take a look at deployment instructions:


Once you have the PC VM deployed, here is how to register your cluster to it:


  1. Open the prism web console for your cluster.

  2. On the Home dashboard, click Register or create new from the Prism Central widget.

  3. If you have a PC VM instance deployed, click on connect. If not, there will be another option to deploy an instance.

  4. In the registration screen, enter the IP address, admin username and admin password for the PC VM.

  5. Click connect and if the credentials are correct, your cluster will be registered to Prism Central.


To take a detailed read about registering your cluster with Prism Central with step by step image guidance


Also check out how to unregister a cluster form PC VM in the post:


Prism central Guide 

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