Half-baked Self-Service with Prism Central

  • 20 March 2021
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I’ve had a very frustrating experience with Self-Service via Prism Central (pc.2021.1.0.1).

We do not have CALM, but since Nutanix does have Self-Service with Prism Central, we’ve been trying to use that feature for our users. However, the solution is very flaky with some of the issues below:

  • Poor RBAC. The roles seem target to CALM. Why show Blueprints when CALM isn’t licensed? Difficult to provide as-required privileges for a self-service user. The user can create VM recovery points, but cannot see them for recovery (tried all built-in roles).
  • Dead links. Self-service users see links for CALM, Files, Karbon. However, when clicked, they either throw an error or unavailable message or log the user out.
  • Self-Service user sees more info than required. Can download cluster keys, etc.

If Nutanix can provide a solid Self-Service experience in PC without CALM, that’d go a long way in attracting new customers and then later the customers may explore CALM.

3 replies

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Just to add context to the above for RBAC, permissions granularity is possible via APIs (which we’re working on), but when certain operations are provided via the PC UI, it’s fair to expect them to be comprehensive enough to build out a solution for deployment to end users. The dead links and CALM stuff are still poor UX for a customer who hasn’t purchased CALM.

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Hey @CyberG 

I’ll pass this along to the team and let you know what they say.

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Thank you @aluciani