Firmware upgrades with no Internet access?

  • 25 March 2020
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Managing infrastructure is a tough and complex task, especially when dealing with cluster-wide upgrades. Nutanix provides features such as Life Cycle Manager that can turn firmware and hypervisor upgrades into a 1-click process, making them slightly less complex. 

Life Cycle Manager pulls the latest upgrade packages from the official pre-configured URL while performing inventory and then proceeds with the upgrade. 


What if the cluster is isolated from the Web?


There is an option to set up a local webserver with the LCM offline bundle packages and use the server to perform inventory and complete the upgrade. 



For detailed information on how to use LCM without web access, refer to the Life Cycle Manager Guide.


For some examples of setting up a Web server, you can consult the following document as a reference guide 

KB-5901 Using Life Cycle Manager (LCM) Without Web Access


To know more about upgrades, try below:

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