Deciphering alert emails troubleshooting

  • 19 March 2020
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Nutanix gives you a feature to send alert emails periodically to ease administrator work and keep you always updated about your cluster health. Alert emails are used to warn users of errors in their Nutanix system.


Q. How to configure alert emails? 


  1. The following Prism Web Console guide lists the steps to configure alert emails 

Prism Web Console Guide 5.16


Q. What will happen if the alert emails are not set up correctly? 


  1. It may lead to users being unaware of critical errors that should be addressed. In addition, Nutanix Autosupport (ASUP) relies on alert emails from customer systems to pro-actively warn of errors and depending on the alert will generate a support case so we can quickly bring attention and resolution to critical issues.


  • Is there a way to send a new mail to test my configuration? 

  • How to monitor logs relevant to the alert email 

  • How can I check my firewall and port configuration? 

  • What are the basic troubleshooting steps to perform in scenarios of alert emails not being received?


The following Knowledge Base article states the common troubleshooting steps to be performed if alert emails are not being sent and how to send a test email using the command line. 


KB-1288 Troubleshooting alert emails not being sent 


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