Contest: Share Your Custom Prism Login Screen

  • 25 July 2018
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As a sysadmin we all have our special way of doing things and that includes how we like our systems configured. In the past I would have certain icons listed on the desktop, along with remote session colored coded in terms of production, development and disaster recovery.

Did you know you can configure the Nutanix Prism login screen?

It’s easier to do than you think, and I’ve seen some really cool examples of what the community have done to personalize their environments. In fact, if you want to get started here are a few blogs on how to do it:
Have you changed your Prism login screen? Doing something creative and interesting share it with the community in this forum. REPLY to this post and include a screenshot of your custom Prism login screen and encourage folks to click the 👍 link and at the end of August 2018 we will see who has the most 👍 and I’ll send some cool Nutanix swag your way.

👉 Bonus: For bonus points share a photo on social media

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2 replies

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Hello Angelo/@aluciani ,

I've automated setting up Prism Central and the UI login screen, here's the relevant function in my script =

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This is a great post, thank you!