AHV Convert this VM to template

  • 13 February 2018
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My AHV cluster is attached to PC I have created VM and I need to convert this VM to template but the acli command clone_from_vmdisk falls with error not allowed when PE is registered with PC

I have cloned VM with PC but I don't know how to convert to image.

Thanks for your support

3 replies

add image with URL on PC url= nfs://IPCLUSTER/.acropolis/vmdisk/vmdisk_uuid but be sur that port 2222 is open
I had the same issue, however the nfs:// string you posted isn't correct, at least not for my environment, since it is missing the storage container. To be clear, you cannot run acli commands from prism central to create/delete images. You have to use the UI to create the image. Here are the steps I received from support which work great and I wasn't able to find by googling.

1- From any CVM, run below command to get vmdisk_nfs_path:
acli vm.get (VM Name) include_vmdisk_paths=true
look for the value of the vmdisk_nfs_path property for the vdisk you are trying to target

2- The URL you need will be nfs://(CVMIP)/vmdisk_nfs_path from previous command

3- Go to prism central and from UI, click on explore, images, add image

4- select the URL option

5- Type the path from step 2 above

The format that worked for me was:
nfs://(CVM IP)/(Storage Container Name)/.acropolis/vmdisk/
We stumbled upon same issue, and @VWBug5000 solution worked. However, if you have multiple clusters you must give NFS access rights for both clusters so that CVM's on both clusters can access other cluster NFS shares.