AHV affinity rules from CLI

  • 16 March 2020
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Should you ever have a need to extract affinity rules settings via command line there are aCLI commands to achieve the task.


Additionally, in AOS releases older than 5.10.8, 5.11.2 when VM affinity is removed via Prism task may complete successfully, but affinity can still remain set.


This may happen when the following conditions are met:

  • AOS release older than 5.10.8, 5.11.2.

  • Action is initiated from Prism.

  • VM affinity is removed from all nodes.

For the steps and commands please refer to KB-7198 AHV | VM Host affinity is not removed when task initiated from Prism


More on affinity policies:
Prism Central Guide: Affinity Policies for AHV
Nutanix University: Tech TopX: VAAI on Nutanix

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