1-Click upgrade failure: release-api.nutanix.com could not be reached.

  • 14 July 2020
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At Nutanix we obsess over customer experience. Form the purchase through transition to support - all things, but also your experience as an administrator is part of our obsession. We believe that you have other things to do than to spend countless hours on achieving something that can be achieved with less effort. 1-Click upgrade is a feature that is designed to streamline the upgrade process and save your time. Sadly nothing is perfect and things go out of order.

If the 1-click upgrade fails with the error below some troubleshooting is due.

release-api.nutanix.com could not be reached during 1-Click Upgrade

Reaching a Web page is like reaching an IP address but with an extra layer of FQDN resolution by DNS hence the troubleshooting logic looks like this:

  • Verify that the FQDN resolution is successful
  • Inspect proxy settings
  • Verify correct settings are applied if using Transparent Proxy
  • Confirm that the firewall settings allow the traffic both ways
  • Review logs and restart the Prism service if the error is seen


Detailed troubleshooting process with commands, logs and outputs can be found in KB-3302 release-api.nutanix.com could not be reached during 1-Click Upgrade.


More on the subject:

KB-3692 [NX-G4/NX-G5] How to Upgrade Prism One-click Firmware

KB-9329 ESXi | 1 click upgrade failing with 'Could not find a trusted signer'

KB-2763 Access to release-api.nutanix.com Fails During a 1-Click Upgrade


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