Prism shows "server error"

  • 4 March 2018
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I have installed 3 Nodes successfully nested on ESXi 6. the cluster and all nodes services are up. Was able to connect to prism and changed the default admin password. unable to login with new password.... prism keeps on showing "server error" If anyone was able to resolved this... pls help


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5 replies


I have same issue, with firefox browser but it works fine using Chrome browser.
Try other browser.
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Is your cluster and local machine time in sync?
I was able to solve it by using Chrome... thanks to all
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Time was out by 1 hour between my Client and Prism. Correct my local time and the Server error in Firefox was no longer there and I could log in ok.

I was able to solve it by using Chrome. In Chrome I typed “thisisunsafe” while being on the login page. This makes Chrome skip site certificate verification.