Prism Central Backup/Restore Configuration

  • 14 February 2020
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This was answered 3 years ago and it was being “looked into”  was anything created to be able to export Configuration from Prism Central?

Where it was answered 3 years ago:

Thank you

3 replies

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Hi there,

I checked and it’s still a long way to go, unfortunately. We have not seen that many issues with PC VMs corruption, to be honest.

What I could suggest at this point as a workaround is to scale up PC. In this way even if one of them is lost there are still two more.

There is a guide for that if you are interested Prism Central Guide v5.16: Expand (Scale Out) PC

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Hi @Enterprise Compute 

At the risk of giving a similar answer, as of 5.16 there is not a supported method to backup/restore Prism Central, or export/import most Prism Central configuration. Security Policies (part of Flow) can be exported and imported, but that is partly because the security policy configuration is portable. The ability to create a configuration, export it once, and then import it in multiple ROBO sites was part of the original design.

There has been a lot of work on this, but there are some remaining technical hurdles. I would definitely expect this to be well documented in the release notes and Prism Central Guide once we have a supported solution. 

I’m curious which configuration datasets you would most like to export and import.

Must be nice to have a PC instance that doesn’t have “many” corruption issues!  We’ve experienced so many PC failures during upgrades and feature installs that I’m now an expert in PC deployment!  I have to keep a .csv list of my categories and which VMs are in which categories and all my Nutanix Objects IP configurations and all of my protection policies and all of my recovery plans so that when I rebuild PC from scratch each time I can put all the data back into PC.  I’m using version pc.2021.9.  This is an ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS situation since PC is required to enable synchronous replication :(

The scale-up PC option is a huge waste of resources since I would have to do it twice, once for each data center, so instead of two VMs I would now have six and three times the resources to accomplish a simple backup/restore task.