Prism and Browser Issues

  • 25 August 2016
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Is Prism supported on all/most current browsers? I have issues with Edge and to some extent IE11.

Mostly on an AHV cluster that I am testing on before I migrate my producton to AHV.

Typically it is with on the VM page and creating or otherwise managing VM's.

Sometimes i have issues with the log in page rendering at all.

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According to release notes:
  • The Microsoft Edge browser is not currently supported for the Prism Web Console. The supported browsers are Internet Explorer version 9 or later, Firefox version 3 or later, Chrome (any version), and Safari. [ENG-49399, ENG-49352]
  • If you use the Chrome browser version 50.x with the Prism web console, you might observe less than optimal performance when launching a VNC console into a hypervisor. Nutanix recommends using the Internet Explorer, Firefox or Safari browsers as a workaround. [ENG-53140]
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I have the latest version of Chrome and Firefox ... as well as IE. However, the only browser a can use on a VM is IE. I can use the 3 buttons in the top right hand corner ..nothing else. Do I need additional software?
IE controls the VMs but it eventually sticks and crashes.
I have found that IE and Edge work fine for general usage, configuration of clusters, VM's etc. For uploading AOS/PRISM binary updates can confirm that IE version 10 and 11 and EDGE dont work. Drove me insane trying to upload a 5GB binary update to the cluster and PRISM central fails randomly at any stage, sometime 90% uplaoded fails no error just fail. Wasted 1 entire day attempting to update the clusters with IE and edge. Finally used Chrome version 63 and no issues at all updating manually. Dont state that a browser is supported if it doesnt support everything or at least provide a way of updating via SSH.

I have found that I cannot access to Prism Element using Safari, Chrome or Firefox in macOS Monterey Version 12.1. I have updated the OS and browser and still not getting access to the portal. The error is “Safari Can’t Open the Page” The error is: “The certificate for this server is invalid. You might be connecting to a server that is pretending to be “XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX” which could put your confidential information at risk. (NSURLErrorDomain:-1202


I will appreciate any advise can provide me.