OVA Management in Prism Central

  • 2 October 2020
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Previously, adding an OVA image into an AHV cluster was a manual experience, involving un-tarring an OVA file and importing associated VMDK files using AHV’s Image Management.

Now, from within Prism Central, you have the ability to natively import and export OVA files. The tasks that can be accomplished with this new feature are listed below:

  • Export a VM as an OVA
  • Upload an OA
  • Deploy an OA as a VM
  • Download an OVA file to your local machine
  • Rename an OVA file
  • Delete an OVA file

Also to note, there is now a separate OVA dashboard which is used to perform the above tasks (except for the “Export a VM” task, which is located under the VMs Dashboard).

More information about this feature and the tasks mentioned above can be found within Ova Management section of the Prism Central Guide located on the Support Portal.

1 reply

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@nirmal.ravirajan-57912  In which Version of PC it is introduced, we are using