Nutanix CE Upgrade to Release 2020.09.16 if Prism Central is deployed - How to

  • 5 October 2020
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The newest Version (Release 5.18) could be downloaded here:


If you have deployed a Prism Central and want to update you get an error about an unsupported version in Prism Central Upgrade Section.

To solve that do the following:

Unregister your cluster from Prism Central (2 Times ssh on one of your CVMs, onetime on your Prism Central CVM). Read this article:

You should grab your Cluster-UUID and Prism Central UUID via “ncli cluster state” first!

Step 1:

Login to one of your cvm in a running cluster.

  •  Check Cluster Status with “cluster status” 
  • Do “ ncli multicluster remove-from-multicluster external-ip-address-or-svm-ips=Prism-Central-IP username=PrismCentral-User password=password force=true”
  • Login to Prism Central CVM and unregister the Cluster
  •  “python /home/nutanix/bin/ UUID-of-your-cluster”
  • Login to one of your CVMs again
  • “ python /home/nutanix/bin/ UUID-of-your-PrismCentral”

Step 2:

In the Webinterface of Prism Element no PrismCentral is registered now and also no Cluster in Prism Central


Step 3:

Upgrade your PrismCentral with Metadatafile and tar Archiv for PrismCentralUpdate

Stepf 4:

Upgrade your Prism Element with MetadataFile and Archiv für PrismCE Update

Step 5:

Register back your Cluster via Prism Element Webinterface to Prism Central





1 reply

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After all. Reregister in Prism Central...

And in Prism Central see your Cluster back again in the newest version: