How to avoid alert message truncation using ncli...

  • 10 April 2019
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I want to pull alerts from my cluster using ncli. however, the alert message gets truncated. here is an example:
ncli> alerts ls max-alerts=1

Message : Unable to locate VM(s) VM1, VM2, VM3, VM4, VM5, VM6, VM7, VM8, VM9, VM10, VM11, VM12, VM13, VM15, V... protected by protection domain 'PDgroup2'.

Notice the truncated portion with '...'. Is there a switch i can send with ncli to prevent that truncation?

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5 replies

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Hi @penguindows

I'll see what I can do to get you an answer.
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@penguindows what version of AOS are you running? I don’t appear to have this truncating issue with longer message alerts on 5.10 +


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@rhunt when this was checked we were  I’ll check on one of our 5.10 and reply back.

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@rhunt unfortunately i resolved all of the alerts that included a large number of VMs, so it’s inconclusive.  I’ll try to generate a few more :P

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Thanks @aluciani ! somehow i think i accidentally marked this as solved, but it is not yet. I appreciate you investigating!