Components of Prism Services

  • 2 November 2020
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Prism Central is the centralized management tool for administrator to manage and monitor  multiple Nutanix clusters. Prism Central by itself is an appliance VM running on the Nutanix cluster and hence, runs distributed services similar to a CVM. Some of the features that enable a centralized management are Single Sign On to all Prism elements, performance monitoring analytics for monitoring performance, and many more


The Prism self-service portal (SSP) or Prism Self Service Administration, enables the consumers of IT infrastructure within an enterprise: individual users or teams such as development, test, and DevOps to provision and manage virtual machines in a self-service manner, without having to engage IT in day-to-day operations.


Calm (Cloud Application LifeCycle Management) is a DevOps Automation Platform that models applications and integrates your teams, governance, and life cycle operations to manage your applications. It supports multiple platforms so that you can use the single self-service and automation interface to manage all your infrastructure.


The Nutanix REST APIs allow you to create scripts that run system administration commands against the Nutanix cluster. The API enables the use of HTTP requests to get information about the cluster as well as make changes to the configuration. Output from the commands are returned in JSON format.


Nutanix Central is an emerging ecosystem in Nutanix, that is aimed to bring simplicity and consistency to deployment and management of services offered by Nutanix (ex: Object Store, Calm, AFS, Sherlock).

Docs: Prism Web Console Guide (Prism 5.10)

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