Can user access be restricted to specific clusters when navigating from Prism Central

  • 21 September 2021
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We have set up the connection to our Active Directory for authenticating in Prism Central. We have several clusters connected to our Prism Central. We have a scenario we are wondering about. Is it possible to restrict user access to only specific clusters in Prism Central? For example, I have user 1 and user 2 with clusters A, B, C and D in Prism Central. I want user 1 to be able to manage clusters A and C from Prism Central but want to continue to allow user 2 to be able to manage all of the clusters in Prism Central. We would want to allow user A to work with VMs only on clusters A and C and prevent access to VMs on clusters B and D. Is this possible? Currently the users in our "user 1 role" access the individual Prism Elements for the specific clusters, but we want to be able to allow our "user 1" to have a single point of access for each cluster they are meant to manage without granting them access to the other clusters in Prism Central.


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Hi @Kristen ,

I believe this link should answer your questions Cluster RBAC

By enable Cluster RBAC you should be able to accomplish what you are asking for. Let me know if you have more questions.