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  • 15 June 2022
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In the recent version of Prism Central, I am no longer able to configure per-VM affinity rules.  I now have to create global affinity policies based on categories.  I can see how this is helpful, but it also add a lot of complexity for basic affinity situations like this:

I have two VMs dns1 and dns2 and a four host cluster.  The two dns servers should never live on the same host.  Super easy to do the old way.  But how do you do it this way?  Would I create a category called `DNS` with `primary` and `secondary` as values?  Then create one policy for primary that has host1 and host2 and create another for secondary with host3 and host4?

What about a three-vm cluster?  How would you ensure they balance onto separate hosts?


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Hi @jamiefki - This would actually be better done as an anti-affinity rule via the CLI (assuming you are AHV)?  Otherwise known in the virtualisation world as a keep-apart rule:

AHV 6.1 - Configuring VM-VM Anti-Affinity Policy (

Thanks for the advice @StuB .  I’ll check this out.