Removing Self-service Administrators

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I can't figure out how to remove the Self-service Administrator rights from a user. In the self-service portal configuration, the account is under Users. I assume it needs to be removed from here, but I don't see any options to delete the user. Anyone have any suggestions?

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Let me do some research and get back to you CEW - Thanks
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Thank you for the reply. I opened a case, and was informed that currently the only way to remove them is to delete the LDAP connection. When you log into SSP as administrator again, it will walk through establishing the LDAP connection and identifying the SSP administrators again. It sounds like it is fixed in 5.1.

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Thanks for sharing CEW
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Do you know how to delete the LDAP connection? Thanks,

John Chen
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You have to remove it from the Nutanix cluster admin. i.e. you are removing the LDAP authentication for the entire cluster. Not just the SSP. This means you have to log in with the local admin account, not a domain account.