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  • 24 February 2016
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Prism Central

Prism Central software provides centralized infrastrcuture management, one-click simplicity and intelligence for everyday operations.

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What’s New in Prism Central Software Redesigned Prism Central Web Console User Interface and Home Page DashboardEnhanced user interface for improved cluster management. Redesigned in this release, the Home dashboard includes a menu bar and a display section for a collection of widgets that appear as tiles with targeted information about the registered clusters in each tile.

Entity Explorer
The Explorer allows you to view statistics and detailed information about a range of entities across clusters and organize that information in a variety of ways. An entity is defined as one or more instances of an object type such as cluster, VM, host, disk, or container. You can perform operations or actions on multiple VMs across cluster (AHV clusters only).

Configure Alerts and NotificationGlobal alert configuration enables you to create and customize alert policies for all clusters you are managing.

Alert emails configuration allows you to configure the rules and recipients for alert notification sent by Prism Central. These email notifications are in addition to any alert emails you might have configured on an individual cluster through the Prism Web Console. If you don’t disable Prism Element alert, you will receive email from both entities in this case.

More Robust Historical DataHistorical data can be retained beyond 90-days in Prism Central(please refer to the sizing recommendation below).

Prism Central Tech Preview Features

Note: Do not use tech preview features in production environments.

Dashboard CustomizationManagement and customization of dashboard views for information around infrastructure resources, such as VMs, clusters, hosts, disks, containers, and so on.

Capacity Forecast and PlanningThe Capacity tab displays current and historical usage information and provides capacity resource tools. Nutanix X-Fit machine learning technology constantly monitors and learns capacity consumption behavior in the cluster. It calculates the runway - time until the capacity (CPU, memory, and disk space) runs out. The user can select the runway threshold to trigger an alert.
Note: An optimal experience with the Capacity Forecasting and Planning feature requires synchronization of historical statistics between Prism Central and a managed cluster. As these statistics might be incomplete for a recently-upgraded cluster, Nutanix recommends you wait six to eight hours before registering the cluster with Prism Central.

Prism SearchIntelligent, keyword-based search across your Nutanix cluster for improved access to information in the web console. For example, in one query, you can search for and find the number of vCPUs for an individual VM. Click the magnifying glass icon (known as spotlight search) to display a search page, which provides query options and information about entities (cluster, VM, host, disk, or container) and operations across clusters.

Download Link - Hyper-V
Download Link - ESXi
Download Link - AHV- Boot image
Download Link - AHV- Home image
Download Link - AHV Disk image

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10 replies

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Hi Aluciani,

What is the best way for beging Training in Nutanix?
There are a lot of information but I don't Know where beging....
Any Sugestion will be apreciate...

Thanks very Much
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I'm having an issue downloading ova file. It does persist to fail at 701.4MB (also, using different browsers and/or OSs')Can you advise an alternative link?
Much appreciated,
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I get an error,

the nos version 03.13.2016 of this cluster is not compatible with the nos version 4.6 of prism central

what did I miss?
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If you are using Community Edition, there is no support for Prism Central as of yet.

  • Prism Central does not currently operate with Community Edition. When the next CE release occurs, Prism Central will allow registration of CE clusters and support the full functionality.

From this link at the bottom...
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You may want to check your NOS version. AFAIK Prism Central 4.6 can manage only NOS 4.6.x and 4.5.x - If my understanding is correct there were changes in the Cassandra database from version 4.5 and because of that Prism Central cannot monitor older versions. Or so I'm told. We have the same problem in our environment, someone upgraded Prism Central to 4.6 to support a 4.6 cluster and we lost visibility to all older clusters. Next step is to upgrade all nodes to 4.6.
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Looking for the default password for the VM. Have tried nutanix and nutanix/4u with no luck.
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What is the password of the Root user !?
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The link is with restricted access ...
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bcacciola - the link you provided has restricted access ... !?
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The info at the link merely duplicates the text I wrote. Prism Central is not compatible with Community Edition just yet.