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I can't find the details about Prism Central requirements. Does it need a specific license ? Does it support any kind of hypervisor in the cluster (as long as it is 4.5.x or 4.6.x as I got) ? Or is it free to use as long as you have any Nutanix edition ?

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You can download Prism Central when you have a Nutanix cluster running. You don't need a license for Prism Central.

You will connect a cluster to Prism Central, so information will be collected and displayed by Prism Central.

Prism Central is only useful when you have multiple Nutanix Clusters in your infrastructure. Otherwise, just connect to the Cluster IP address...
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Prism Central does support clusters running all these three hypervisors.

Prism Central includes two sets of features. The multi-site management, including explorer, analysis page, alert configuration, etc, are part of Prism Starter, which is included in any Acropolis edition. So you can just use it without additional licensing.

The another set of features, mainly driven by machine-learning analytics and operations management, includes capacity forecasting, dashboard customization, and expansion recommendation, etc. We do see customers using these features even with a single cluster. This set is part of Prism Pro edition. Right now, you can use these feature for free until Oct 31, 2016. If you install a new Prism Central after Sept 1, you will have 60-day free use of these features. During these free period, you don't need to have additional license to use them.
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So, I recentally upgraded our Prism Central from to 4.7. After doing so, I received the notification at the top that I am running on a Prism Pro Trial license and that it will expire in 117 days (at this time).

I've tried to go to our Nutanix cluster licensing portal, and license Nutanix Prism Pro, but it's not allowing me to license Prism Central. I have confirmed my Nutanix clusters are all licensed and active with Prism Pro.

What am I missing on getting Prism Central Pro licensed? Is this a separate licensing charge that I'll have to try and get my customer to pay for?
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Hi ,

On the page below, you will find more information about the licensing.

It is a subscription based, per-node license.
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FYI All. Please see the article below. It contains a very detailed explanation of NUTANIX Licensing
(a groot dank je to our Dutch Brothers-In-IT)::

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An excellent video on the subject of licensing (A Big Thank You to VCDX56!):