Not able to access console of a VM

  • 23 January 2019
  • 6 replies

I am trying to access the console of a VM in AHV. I have powered on the VM. While trying the button 'launch console' , the screen becomes grey for a moment. But I don't get the console.
I tried this using chrome and firefox.

6 replies

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Do you get any error messages?

On some of my VMs I get the same grey screen but it indicates a Error 1006.

It does offer a suggestion that it might have an invalid or untrusted certificate chain (which they do).
I found out that I can access the console of the VM from prisam central but not from prisam element.
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Are you using HTTPS in both Environments?

From PRISM Central are you selecting the VM from the Explore tab and then clicking on the VM?
In the PRISAM central I going to 'Virtual Infrastructure' and to VM and then selecting the VM. Here I am able use the button 'Launch Console'. I am accessing 'PRISAM Central' using https.

But when I am going to PRISAM element from PRISAM cental and then select the the VM, I an unable to get the console.
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I take it your attempting to access whilst you are logged in to both and active I sometimes see this when my browser session has timed out, also are you using Chrome?
Had the same Problem.
You may see Error like "VNC noVNC ready: native WebSockets, canvas rendering Error" or "Connection closed error 1006" (this one could also be resolved by relogin to your PrismCentral)

Looks like the VNC Connections are going throuph PC.
Try to reboot the PrismCentral CVM
(ssh to PC CVM and do "sudo reboot")
Worked for me.