Migrating vCenter server appliance from ESXi to AHV

I have an ESXi cluster on 5.5.4 running vSphere 6.5 vCenter server appliance. I want to test converting the cluster to AHV and I understand the vCenter server cannot reside in the cluster I want to convert to AHV. I have a second cluster running on AHV that I am trying to migrate my vCenter server appliance to. I have setup the second cluster as a remote site under Data Protection.

When I go to Data Protection in Prism and highlight the Protection Domain I created with the vCenter server appliance in it and click on Migrate I get the following error:

Since the vCenter server is the appliance and not Windows does it need NGT installed? I am stuck. Thanks for any help.

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Thanks for posting @wstclair33 I see if I can get you an answer 👍

One other thought, might be best to open a support ticket just to ensure you have all your bases covered.
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Hi all,

may I attach my question if anybody has managed to install or run a vCenter server appliance on AHV at all?