XTract wire speeds

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We are looking at using Xtract for a couple of VM's that we would like to move off of VMWare. The one question we have is dealing with the initial seeding. Does anyone know what kind of wire speeds we can expect? if it going to flood the network with a full on transfer at full speeds or will it self manage and limit the speedthe data that is being transferred?


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Hi JoeKinne,

There is no built in Network QoS in Xtract. This means we will try to read data as quickly as we can from the source environments with the caveat that we will limit the number of VMDKs that we read concurrently from each ESX host. This means that in most cases your bottleneck will be the egress rate of reading data from your SAN and not wirespeeds. If you are ever in a situation where you think you are taking up too much bandwidth and you need stop it, there are a couple of options including a pause option for the migration plan as well as an abort option at the individual VM level.