Xtract Migration issue

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I am trying to migrate a VM from VMWare to Nutanix. I keep getting a message of Validation failed. I tried using the Admin account and also my account which is a domain admin and still it fails. I have tried to create a new local Admin and this still fails to valadate. I am now getting the below error after updating to 1.0.24
Error validating credentials for VM ENL1089 - Central Purchasing Front End: 'vCenter Server timed out during operation 'ListProcesses' for VM vm-3889'.

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I'm having the exact same issue.
Did You ever find a solution?
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We have worked through quite a few issues with Xtract. With account credentials on Windows we've had issues where we have had to use local admin accounts to avoid UAC errors. But I've never seen that specific error. I would suggest opening a support ticket.
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I have not seen that exact error. however there are a couple of things that seem to complicate the authentication. I have noticed that if VMware tools are not up to date / running on the VM, it can fail and say it's a credential problem. I have had VMs where it kept failing to pass the credential step, and then I re-installed VMware tools, and then it worked. I have had VMs where it failed on the credential step, and I just rebooted the VM and it worked. Your error looks specific enough I'd suggest opening a ticket.
Great info... which could actually be the case here.I'll give it a try and get back.On holiday right now, but will try in a couple of weeks.