Trying to install Xtract - Error occurred while assembling Disk config

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Hi, I'm trying to install Xtract and I'm getting an error:

Follwing the instructions here (, in particular:
  1. Remove the current CDROM disk by clicking the X next to the CDROM.
  2. Click + Add a new Disk and select Operation > Clone from Image Service. Click Save.
  3. Check the box Custom Script and select Type or paste script.
  4. Go to the Xtract directory and open the xtract-vm-cloudinit-script file.
  5. Copy the text and paste the text into the Custom Script box. Click Save.

When I hit Save I get this at the top of the window: Error occurred while assembling Disk config

Would appreciate some guidance here; perhaps there are some obvious things the setp by step is missing??


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Bump... anyone?? Should I post in the regular forum?
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This is CE forum this option is not supported in this version. If you have commercial version then please post here:
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Hmm, ok, I wasn't aware of this limitation. There is nothing sepcified that the CE version doesn't support Xtract and as far as I understood it did.

Is there an official stance from Nutanix on this topic, I would appreciate it if you could point me to that. As a matter of fact, if there is some Nutanix publication that outlines what restrictions CE has it would be nice to have that.

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Hi cterek I've moved this post to the correct forum. Hope to get some more eyes on your question. Thanks
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Thanks, I appreciate it!!
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Nothing yet... noone at Nutanix can give an official answer here on whether or not Xtract will work on CE??
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jlaunier, if it's not too much trouble, could you please look over my question and provide an answer.

I've been waiting on an official answer on whether or not this tool will work on CE, but noone seems to be giving me an answer. If it's not supported, so be it.

But if it should be fine on CE, I would like some assistance on the error that I'm getting.

Thank you in advance
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cterek, CE hasn't been officially qualified for use with Xtract but as you mentioned it shoud work as CE is API compatible with AOS. Is your issue with the initial install fo the Xtract VM or with VM migrations? If the issue is with the initial install, I would suggest using the cli utility that we provide to prep and install xtract automatically. Be sure you are using the latest version from our support portal.
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Tried this route and it gave me a "interface is nil, not string" error

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cterek, can you try re-running the deploy-vm command with searchdomains parameter : deploy-vm vm-container ... dns2 searchdomains $yourdomains If that does not work, can you send us the logs by zipping up the logs directory. The logs directory location is printed on the screen after the cli executable is invoked. Thanks !
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Not really sure what to use for the searchdomains value, as I don't have any domains set up and this seems to be optional. I sent you a PM with the log files, not sure if it worked.